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Can I buy crypto on Nubian?

Not for now, Nubian does not currently have any support for buying crypto with your local currency but provides a swap feature to allow you to change from one crypto to another.

Can I save any crypto on Nubian, including BTC?

Nubian plans to be multi-chain, but at the moment, Nubian is only available on the BNB Smart Chain, that means, you can only save BEP-20 tokens like BNB, BUSD, CAKE, XVS etc on Nubian.

What are BEP20 tokens?

BEP20 tokens are tokens that follow the standard for issuing fungible tokens on the BNB Smart Chain. This standard says that these tokens must have certain properties and since they conform to these requirements they are called BEP20 tokens.

How can I create a savings plan on Nubian?

You can follow these simple steps to start saving on Nubian :

Get Started

The first thing you'd need is a wallet. In the same way, you'd pick a bank to patronize, you have to pick a wallet to use in holding your cryptocurrency and interacting with Nubian. Check our wallets guide to know the right wallet you need to get started.

Connect to Nubian

After getting a wallet you can go to our app, by clicking on the Launch App button on the website, connect it to Nubian and proceed to savings to create a savings plan and start earning. If the wallet is new we have to first fund it before you can make any transactions on Nubian.

Fund your wallet

You need to have BNB in your wallet to start interacting with the Nubian dapp, BNB is needed to pay transaction fees on the BNB smart chain. Let's have a look at the different options you can use to fund your wallet before we start making use of the Nubian app.

Start saving

Great job if you were able to start the journey and get to this point, you can now start using Nubian by saving your cryptos to earn returns or swapping from one crypto to another within the BNB Smart Chain network.

Can I withdraw my saved tokens at any time on Nubian?

Yes, Nubian currently offers a very flexible saving plan, your can create a savings plan and withdraw your savings plus interest at anytime, but we recommend leaving your savings for a while to see meaningful returns.