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Earn up to 20% interest on your crypto.

Don’t just hold, earn more with simple DeFi investments.


Your gateway to Defi investments

Nubian makes it super easy to invest your crypto and earn high interests.

User-friendly interface

Access core features through a simple and intuitive user interface designed with you in mind.

Full control over your funds

You are in complete control of your funds. No censorship of accounts and fully decentralized

Higher yields on investments

You can opt in to DeFi-powered opportunities to earn up to 20% interest on your earnings.

How it works

Put your crypto to work and earn up to 20% interest in 3 easy steps!

Launch the App

Click the launch button to open
the Nubian DeFi App.

Connect your wallet

Securely connect your wallet to make
your tokens available for transactions.

Earn daily returns

Choose your preferred investments
and start earning daily returns.

Nubian for Users

Nubian finance makes it easy for anyone to invest their crypto in DeFi instruments.

Save with Crypto

Place your crypto in moderate savings plans and earn decent returns.

Swap your tokens easily

Exchange your token for another. Crypto conversions made possible in a single and hassle-free transaction.